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Named after the Roman god of the sea, Neptune is a gas giant which is visable to telescopic viewing. The existence of Neptune was mathmatically predicted by Urban Le Verrier in 1846 and was discovered on September 23, 1846 by James Challis with 1° of the position predicted by Le Verrier.

Today in Astronomy History
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September 16, 1680
English Astronomer John Flamsteed observes a star, 3 Cassiopeiae, that astronomers were unable to corroborate. 300 years later, the American astronomical historian William Ashworth suggested that what Flamsteed may have seen was the most recent supernova

September 16, 1848
William & George Bond and William Lassell discovers the Saturnian moon, Hyperion.

September 16, 1969
A small meteorite hits the roof of a house, in Suchy Dul, Nachod district, Czechoslovakia.

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